Hi, just a tiny question

Let's say if the connection I want to read has the same letters and alphabets (A,B,D,E,F,M,N,R)
And I wish to read the way they are connected as something else (CLASS 49 & CLASS 50).
May I know how do I go about doing it.

2 Examples of connection containing same alphabets

F-A, R-B, M-D and N-E outputs CLASS 49
M-A, N-B, F-D and R-E outputs CLASS 50

My previous method of doing other unique connections was like this:


DDRD = DDRD | B00001110; DDRB = DDRB | B000000;
PORTD = B00001110; PORTB = 000000;
if (digitalRead(6) == HIGH && digitalRead(10) == HIGH && digitalRead(11) == HIGH) {
if (digitalRead(1) == HIGH && digitalRead(2) == HIGH && digitalRead(3) == HIGH) {
lcd.print("TYPE: OFFSET");
lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
lcd.print("CLASS: 60");

I realised that after using my method (quoted), it would read it as both CLASS 49 & CLASS 50 as they contain the same variables and I'm only checking for their HIGH/LOW status as verification before I give the output to the lcd. (cannot be applied for class49 and class50).

Looking forward to suggestions, please help. If you guys need more info please let me know, im dyinggg (2nd try at arduino). Thankss :))

I have no idea what sort sort of project you are talking about. What is "rt"?

Where is the data coming from that you want to change?

Is there some rule for making the changes? What is the rule?