RTC 1307 Issues with DUE not stable


I have a RTC1307 and AT24C32 in one

When i connect it to my uno or mega it works perfect. when i connect it to my due its not stable. Yes i connected it with 3,3v but that works also perfectly when i connect him to my uno. so i read the datasheet and noticed the ds1307 needs at least 4.6v

therefor i searched the internet and noticed there are several ways to fix it. but they all talk about 5v arduino 3,3v i2c device.

https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12009 http://www.tinytronics.nl/shop/Converters/Level-Converters/I2C-Level-Converter-5V-3.3V

I orderedthem both but not received them yet. so therefor i created the transistor version from


but then i do not get a time. its not unstable but not there

if i check my logic analyzer it doesn't understand anything the i2C bus says. (normaly it translate all commands to decimal text.) but now it shows only the clock puls and some tries to send and receive data but no useful data.