RTC alarms causing actions

Hi guys

So I'm pretty new at coding and I've been working on a project for a while where I use an RTC to cause different solenoids to to activate during 3 different periods of the day. Where I'm stuck at the second is finding appropriate code in relation to the RTC. I'm using a Ds1307 and an Arduino Mega, aiming for each alarm to run for ten minutes or until a button is pressed, one alarm at 8:30am(until 8:40) another at 1:00pm(until 1:10) and another at 6:30pm (until 6:40). Any help would be amazing, I build not code :')

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

This section of the forum is for getting help with what you write. If you want someone to just write it for you then you need to post in Gigs and Collaborations and be sure to state how much you're willing to pay someone to write it. You'll probably also need to be a lot more detailed with the specs.

If you want some examples of doing this then hit google. This type of code is so common you should be inundated with hits and tutorials on timing events with Arduino and an RTC.

Something to start you off with, but Google is easy to use!