RTC DS1307 is too slow

hello. i'm using a ds1307 clock modual


that, exactly. it has all the capasitor, crystal, and resistors needed on it already.

it's been very slow for me. it used to be 6 hours 31 minutes slow.. but then i replaced the button battery and now it's only 3 hours 37 minutes slow.

but still, that's obviously too slow.. does anyone know any way at all to have it go on the right time?

i'm making wrist watch. the main function of a watch is to tell time, so this needs to be fixed. idk what to do about it though. i'm thinking about buying another one, since they're only like 70-80 rub each, and seeing if it's the chip itself. but is that the best route to take? or is my circuit wrong some how? i've just taken the SDA and SCL pins and put them on analog pins on the arduino. and i've given it 5 volts in the 5 volt slot and connected to ground. should i try giving it 3.3v on the arduino? i'll do that and leave it on over night to see if that made it any better.

Download the datasheet for the ds1307 and check if the crystal and capacitor are the correct values. The crystal is the only thing that sets the speed of the clock. Datasheet can be found using google.

Did you set the time? Forgive me if that sounds stupid to you. You just mention it being "slow". Is it losing hours of time after you set it, or is it just showing the wrong time and consistently maintaining an offset in time?

The ds1307 is a lousy RTC.

It is incredibly sensitive to noise and temperature variation. I’ve switched all of my RTC designs to the DS3231. Much more accurate and takes up less space (as a solution).

Put a GPS module in your watch. Much better timekeeping than the RTC1307