RTC_DS3231 library

About 5-6 years ago I did a project using the above library, since then I have a new computer and today I tried to make some additions to my project. Unfortunately, I cannot find this library to install, the only search result I got that looked like it was the AdaFruit library went to a 404 page.

Has this library been deprecated?- If so, which library replaced it?

Hi @thatotherguy .
Do you remember the name of the library you used?
If yes, what's name.

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@ruilviana The library is "RTC_DS3231" I assume, the header file for it is "rtc_ds3231.h"

Hi @thatotherguy ,

tem excesso tive link:

or this:

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@ruilviana Thank you, I have tried the TomOdulate library and it fails to compile. There are many errors, I will see if it has some dependency.

I think that you used the following Library which contained this user defined data type : RTC_DS3231 from which one can create this object: rtc.

RTClib-master.zip (50.2 KB)

@GolamMostafa That library does not have a header file RTC_3231.h. That look slike the RTCLib library I am already using as well as RTC_DS3231.

See the following sketch.

//#include <Wire.h>  //needed for I2c bUS
#include "RTClib.h" //for DS3231 RTC
byte prSec = 0;

RTC_DS3231 rtc; //user data type RTC_DS3231    variable rtc or object
DateTime nowDT;
//char daysOfTheWeek[7][12] = {"Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"};

void setup ()
  rtc.adjust(DateTime(F(__DATE__), F(__TIME__)));
  //rtc.adjust(DateTime(2021, 12, 31, 11, 59, 57));//set date-time manualy:yr,mo,dy,hr,mn,sec

void loop ()
  timeDelay();//1-sec interval of time display; this time delay comes form DS3231 itself

void showTime()
  nowDT = rtc.now();  //nowDT hold Date and Time
  byte myHour = nowDT.hour();   //myHour holds Hour of time of daya
  Serial.print(myHour); //12:58:57     12:4:56
  byte myMin = nowDT.minute(); //to show leading zero of minute
  if (myMin < 10)
  Serial.print(nowDT.minute()); Serial.print(':');
  byte mySec = nowDT.second();
  if (mySec < 10)
  Serial.println(mySec);//(nowDT.second(), DEC);
void timeDelay()
  prSec = bcdSecond();   //current second of RTC
  while (bcdSecond()== prSec)// != 1 )
  prSec = bcdSecond(); //delay(1000);

byte bcdSecond()
  nowDT = rtc.now();
  if (nowDT.second() == 0 )
    return 0;
    //nowDT = rtc.now();
    return nowDT.second();

I will try rewriting my sketch without the need for the RTC_DS3231.

Thank you @GolamMostafa, @ruilviana

So the mystery is resolved for the RTC_DS3231 library, it appears it was merged into the RTCLib library and a couple of class members were removed. Now my RTC related code compiles.

Hi @thatotherguy ,
please post your sketch, ( use tags </> ), I'm going to my house.
When I get there I run tests with the libraries I have.

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@ruilviana No need to worry more about this. The RTC issue is resolved. Thank you very much.

Are you using RTClib.h Library?