RTC get the MInute/Hour in 2 ints


iam building a LED Clock (WS2812) and i need the RTC to get the time etc. I got it working but i always get something like that:

The hour variable of sscanf gives me 2 digits (11, 23 etc.) for my code i need it like that:

int hourone = 3; int hourten = 2;

//= 23

How can i do that? With remove() it doesnt work cause remove only works on Strings.



Hour divided by 10 gives the tens, hour modulo 10 gives the ones.

tens = hour / 10;
ones = hour % 10;

Thanks :D You saved me 2 hours of thinking how i should do this ^^

wish u a nice day :D


You saved me 2 hours of thinking