RTC Is going too fast!!

I’m working on a little project, and I’m almost done.
I’ve ran into few problems with my DS1307 RTC, like it not working at all and the
backup battery also not working (not a problem because i’ll have it plugged in all the time anyway).
And i’ve almost fixed them all, but I can’t seem to figure this one out…

It goes almost 1 minute over what it should be showing everyday and it stacks up.

I don’t have the backup battery in because it dosen’t work anyway, but i dont see why that would be a problem, but I’m no expert.

I’m using arduino mega2560.

Also I’m using RTClib.


Maybe this thread can provide your with more info.

The DS1307 has no compensation for temperature changes. They can be pretty poor if used outside but are not usually as bad as yours if used in a more regular environment indoors. The DS3231 is a better proposition, and no change in the programme is required.

I also think DS3231 is better solution. There are very cheap modules using it on eBay. If the time the timer is off is close to constant you may subtract it everyday day (or every hour or maybe even every minute). It may be quick solution until you get better RTC/find a way how to fix it.

I figured it out!!!!!!

The problem was something to do with the serial print that ive used to debug with!!
I've just desabled the serial comunication and the RTC is going fine!