rtc libproblem?

Hello gentleman!

I’m still learning what Arduino, trying to find out the cause of the problem. I read several solutions. But I can not find where the problem :frowning: please help me,
you want to build and learn …

Now even chaos in my head… :frowning:

My problem: In function ‘void show_date(DateTime, boolean)’:

_18nedvhoora:214: error: ‘class DateTime’ has no member named ‘dayOfWeek’

exit status 1
‘class DateTime’ has no member named ‘dayOfWeek’

_18nedvhoora.ino (5.81 KB)

My problem

is that you are trying to call a function that does not exist. Why on earth would you do that?

You are using a bunch of non-standard libraries, and expecting us to guess where you got them, and what classes they define, and what methods the classes have. Not going to happen.

If you enable verbose mode when compiling, you will probably find that you have duplicate libraries.

Im going to guess that one of them is the one that contains the DateTime class. One of the libraries has the dayOfWeek() method, but that is not the one being used. The other, that is being used, does not.

You spelled it wrong. "dayOfTheWeek()", not "dayOfWeek()"


class DateTime {
 uint8_t dayOfTheWeek() const;

Thank you!
meanwhile I realized. RTClib.h deleted, new RTClib-master, and I found a description of the missing "the" ..
a lot even learn how to. It was me two days. We have a saying: good priest learns until death