RTC undefined

/In which header do I define the RTC. I basically need this to work in my .cpp

void doButton1() {
// update hour
int hour = RTC.get(DS1307_HR,true);
if (hour == 23) hour = 0;
else hour = hour + 1;

//This is my DS1307.h:

#include <…/Wire/Wire.h>

#define DS1307_SEC 0
#define DS1307_MIN 1
#define DS1307_HR 2
#define DS1307_DOW 3
#define DS1307_DATE 4
#define DS1307_MTH 5
#define DS1307_YR 6

#define DS1307_BASE_YR 2000

#define DS1307_CTRL_ID B1101000 //DS1307

// Define register bit masks
#define DS1307_CLOCKHALT B10000000

#define DS1307_LO_BCD B00001111
#define DS1307_HI_BCD B11110000

#define DS1307_HI_SEC B01110000
#define DS1307_HI_MIN B01110000
#define DS1307_HI_HR B00110000
#define DS1307_LO_DOW B00000111
#define DS1307_HI_DATE B00110000
#define DS1307_HI_MTH B00110000
#define DS1307_HI_YR B11110000

// library interface description
class DS1307
// user-accessible “public” interface
void get(int *, boolean);
int get(int, boolean);
void set(int, int);
void start(void);
void stop(void);

// library-accessible “private” interface
byte rtc_bcd[7]; // used prior to read/set ds1307 registers;
void read(void);
void save(void);

extern DS1307 RTC;


//This is my Wire.h

#include <inttypes.h>

#define BUFFER_LENGTH 32

class TwoWire
static uint8_t rxBuffer;
static uint8_t rxBufferIndex;
static uint8_t rxBufferLength;

static uint8_t txAddress;
static uint8_t txBuffer;
static uint8_t txBufferIndex;
static uint8_t txBufferLength;

static uint8_t transmitting;
static void (user_onRequest)(void);
static void (user_onReceive)(int);
static void onRequestService(void);
static void onReceiveService(uint8_t
, int);
void begin();
void begin(uint8_t);
void begin(int);
void beginTransmission(uint8_t);
void beginTransmission(int);
uint8_t endTransmission(void);
uint8_t requestFrom(uint8_t, uint8_t);
uint8_t requestFrom(int, int);
void send(uint8_t);
void send(uint8_t
, uint8_t);
void send(int);
void send(char*);
uint8_t available(void);
uint8_t receive(void);
void onReceive( void ()(int) );
void onRequest( void (
)(void) );

extern TwoWire Wire;


//I’m very new to this and would appreciate some coding. Cheers :slight_smile:

Posting all of your code, using the button with the # on it, not just snippets, along with an explanation of what the problem is, is generally required to get any real help.