RTC with the arduino zero?

Hello I had in the past he Arduino M0 Pro from the other arduino site. In there I was getting help with using the Crystal for a real time clock and mange to do it. The problem now is the site is gone along with that code. Does anyone know where i can find a real time clock using the arduino zero board?


Do you mean the old Arduino forum or somewhere else ?

If the old forum, then all of your old topics are available here

Hello bob the other arduino.org site.


I think you mean the old forum, but cannot be sure. There are certainly post by you here dating back to at least 2014 concerning the use of an RTC

Have you tried searching here (top/right of the screen) for the words rtc crystal then taking the option to search for posts by your username when it is offered ?

Hey Bob no it was the arduino.org site. It was a couple years back when they was split off. I went to that site because i couldn't find help here at that time and Someone told me that i can go there and figure it out. I remember that quit well.

The other posts that stuff was recent. That was for other real time clock modules and chips. This is for the onboard 32khz crystal to use it as a real time clock. I did it again before in the past when i had a Arduino M0 pro board.

Edit: I also forgot I had this post as well here. LOL


If the other forum really has gone then you will need to start again here

It seems that you want to use the Arduino Zero as an RC with no outside source of timing data. Is that correct and, if so, where are you stuck ?

If that is not what you want to do then please provide more detail

Hello Bob, I think I have found it. Well The starting of it. To get me started at least here.

Edit: I just found it a few seconds ago.


At one point there used to be two Arduino companies, Arduino.cc and Arduino.org after a Trademark dispute, documented on Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arduino.

Both companies had their own websites and forums, essentially selling many of the same products. However, when the two eventually merged, the Arduino.org website and forum disappeared.

Hello MartinL, That is what Happen. I had a lot of stuff up on the other one into it went away. I got no email or message stating I need to save my stuff or i would lose it. It just all went away.

Edit: One of them was my real time clock project and sleep mode.


Looks like the RTCzero library is still around and recently updated: RTCZero - Arduino Reference
(well, more recent than the .org disappearance!)

Hey westfw, Nice to see you man. Yes i did mange to find it. I didn't see that until now.


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