rtos on arduino uno

helloooooo plz i need help. i''m trying to do a rtos project on arduino uno i make 2 tasks: task1: read value of a potentiometer and display it using an arduinoscope" poorman oscilloscope", this one is a program using "processing sofware" and "arduino software" task2 : interrupt the 1st task by sending character "s" to serial of arduino in order to stop drawing the value of a potentiometer for a while and then continue... i define the special library for rtos on arduino .but i think it doesn't work because of "poorman osciloscope". how i can make it work???? :~ :~ :~

Does it need to be an RTOS? Seems unnecessarily complex for a relatively simple task. I understand you'll need to run in real time, but that should be relatively simple with an arduino. Worst case is you can write your own scheduler.

mariamrostom: how i can make it work???? :~ :~ :~

Post your code.

Explain what it's supposed to do.

Explain what it actually does.