RTP-MIDI with ESP8266

Hi guys. total beginner here, so please be kind if I write something really stupid.

I am playing with an ESP8266 wifi module and midi.
I was able to download and install the RTP-MIDI driver for windows, create a session on my PC, and connect my ESP8266 module running the code below, and send midi messages also with my phone…
My problem is, I want to eliminate the PC from the equation and share midi messages between two ESP8266 modules, connected to the same network obviously.
Does one of them need to run as an RTP-MIDI server? If so, how would I do that?


RTP_MIDI_2_MIDI_Converter_2.ino (9.32 KB)

I am quite new to playing with MIDI on the Arduino but it might help to know that MIDI itself is serial so you just need to use serial between the two devices essentially.

You can look up the data and serial details but I haven't yet tried RTP-MIDI so who knows :D