Rubix A10 boot image

Does anyone here have the SD boot image for this.
I got one from hobby shop that was sold as new but some one had it before me and messed up the Nand
It trys to boot even had it booted one time but the file sys is bad where i guess they unpluged it without halting it frist.

Thanks for any help.

I don't hear any talk of that SBC (i assume it's an SBC) over here. Youd probably have better luck on the manufacturer's website or a forum dedicated to that device (or at least off-brand SBC's in general)

That would be nice but there is no manufacturer's website anymore and there are post here its a shield that you can program
the arduino with. Rubix A10, a new Full Linux Board for Arduino Projects - Bar Sport - Arduino Forum
Maybe the TS will get back to me

I looked at making the image myself but the links are broke for about every part you need to build the U-boot for it.

Well I've not had much luck with this the Nand is messed up I still need to find the sd image that was for recovery. Alwiner stuff hard to find the right U boot setting.

I don't have the board, but images are linked from here: Rubix A10 -

In sympathy, I have a handful of CHIP Linux/ARM SBCs from the now defunct NextThing. While those in active service are humming along for now, I'm not sure what happens when one loses its brains. There's some community support, but finding all the pieces at this point will be a challenge.

I been there but thanks the links are dead for me I get

Error (400)
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I tried to use a A10 uboot from a board that has the same spec it didn’t boot
The manual said it can’t be just powered down or a SD card could cause this.
Never know witch I guess but one had to happen.
It haft way booted but the file sys shows tons of errors