Rubix A10 for Arduino, a new Linux Shield for Arduino Beginners

Rubix A10 for Arduino is a new Linux Shield for Arduino Compatible Boards.

Rubix can bootup Linaro alip and run standalone. The Linux root file system is out of box in its 4G NAND.

Actually Rubix can be served as a Linux server, most of Linux server common tech can be used.

You are able to directly load your favorite Arduino sketches by Arduino IDE from Rubix desktop when you plug Arduino compatible boards, such as Arduino UNO.

Here is a demo picture from Rubix official website.

Here is an INTERNAL video for Rubix getting started if you'd like to enjoy watching.

Rubix is based on A10 chip and designed for Arduino, so it can use more stable and open source platform of Linux kernel, ARM embeded system and Arduino open system.

Rubix is able to quickly bootup less 35 seconds! it has full functional applications(Arduino IDE, GNOME MPlayer, LibreOffice,Midori Browser, Apache, Mysql), it also has a lot of programming languages, such as Python,Perl, Ruby, Java, PHP, gcc.

Where to BUY official Rubix A10, links in reply.
Thank you for reading, hope you like it.

Just search "Fry Rubix A10" in google and find it in Fry's official website.

I'd be more inclined to check this out if you provided the link.

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[Update 2015-01-12]here are the links, hope these info saving your time.

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I went to your website and saw a whole bunch of nothing. The info is quite generalized so specifics are still a guess for the most part.

very happy, our customer feedback, here is the beginning of the email.

"Bought one Rubix A10 at Frys Sunnyvale California.
I like it, I think it is good value. More powerful that the Raspberry Pi..."

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hope customers get really value from Rubix A10,
and make most simplicity for their Arduino basic projects or Arduino starter kits.

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Note that some other links which are not listed above, they are NOT Rubix official links, if you found it email us, thank you so much.

Hope all customers get REAL Rubix A10 and FREE advanced support.

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Rubix Service Team

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