Rudder Pedal Code Request

Hey there. I'm a brand new Arduino user looking to make my own flight sim rudder pedals.
I have 3x Analog Hall effect sensors which I want to set as axis sensors.
I have absolutely no idea how to program with Arduino but the pedals themselves have been built. Is anybody able to post an example of some code that will work?

Using an Arduino Pro Micro.

Many thanks!

You have told us nothing about the electronics on your pedals. Schematic?
What are the Hall Effect sensors? Data sheet?

Read this before posting a programming question

The hall sensors are Honeywell ss495a. Three of them.


The purpose of this forum is to help folks with their own code. If you want someone to write code for you, go to Gigs and Collaborations and negotiate a mutually-agreeable price for someone to do it.

The microcontroller-world is not superstandardized like USB-devices.
You have to take care about more details than "does the plug fit into the socket"

If you want it quick but still more or less cheap go looking on ebay for used equipement

if you want it real cheap through building it yourself your price is time

Time needed to learning programming yourself

Learning to program

Of course you can ask here in the forum. But then you have to wait for the answers. If you start to learn how coding works you become more and more independent of waiting for answers.

Take a look into this tutorial:

Arduino Programming Course

It is easy to understand and has a good mixture between explaining important concepts and example-codes to get you going. So give it a try and report your opinion about this tutorial.

best regards Stefan

There's an example, with a link to a tutorial, of analog input in ( unsurprisingly ) IDE -> file/examples/analog.