Rugged Motor Driver and Motor Knob

Hi everyone! I have the Rugged Motor Driver shield and saw the motor knob tutorial. Using the code listed from the motor knob tutorial, I can't seem to make the motor move. The pot does nothing to the motor. The center tab of the pot is going into A0 of the arduino. then the left leg of the pot is going to 5v. finally, the right leg is going to gnd. I only get a high pitch sound from the motor and that's it. Any ideas guys?

same thing happened with me once, all i can say is that in my case i was using a stepper motor and i opened all coils at one time and it gave the high pitched noise ,it also once gave a high pitched noise when i was giving it less than the rated power

So, what code are you running and how have you wired it up. Links are good. Normally I would use my crystal ball and physic powers but they are both on the blink today.

Rugged Motor Driver for arduino:

Motor Knob tutorial:

Sounds like you have not wired it up correctly, try swapping two of the motor wires round. However you don't say if it is a bipolar or unipolar motor you are using.

As RuggedCircuts is a regular poster on this forum I suggest you send him a PM.