Run arduino script from ssh


I would want to compile an Arduino script, on my Arduino Uno linked to Raspberry Pi, via a remote connexion such as ssh.

Remote PC ----ssh---> Raspberry Pi ---USBport---> Arduino Uno

I have already try something like :

pi@raspberrypi $ arduino file.ino

But it is not working. Does someone as an idea about this topic ?


You need to explain your requirement more clearly.

Let me know if this is correct ...

  • You have a .ino file on your RPi
  • You have the Arduino IDE installed on the RPi
  • You have successfully compiled and uploaded the .ino file using the RPi

  • Now you want to be able to get the same behaviour when controlling the RPi over an SSH connection


Yes ! This is exactly what I want to do.

If you are using the terminal directly on your RPi do you know the command that will cause the .ino file to be compiled and uploaded? Please post that command.

I am assuming you are familiar with using the IDE from the command line