Run into Eagle Board Size Limit... Options?

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I have the £10 per month paid version of Eagle (pre-fusion 360) which is running at version 9.6.2. I've been using it for a long time now and it's been fine for my purposes, though I've just tried to add some more complexity to one of my existing boards, and I've found that on the PCB design, I cannot move components, it won't let me place them. If I double click, I'm told my board is too big, so I guess I've hit the limit of my paid version.

I've tried saving and importing into KiCad to try to learn this new piece of software and it seems to import well, though I've noticed that on the PCB design, it has connected the 3v3 and GND nets, and I'm unable to make any changes. If I make a change on the schematic to rename the net, no change is seen on the PCB.

It seems then that there's a problem importing Eagle models so I'm wondering what to do. If I upgrade to fusion 360 with Eagle included (I really don't need it as I have Autodesk Inventor Professional on my laptop for work), does this still come with a board size restriction? I'm not sure what to do??

You are in the wrong forum, this is not the EAGLE customer support department.

Could be worth trying the kicad support forums to see if there is a solution to that problem.

Think I've managed to get KiCad to work.. Was just wondering what folks on here use... Maybe better for other forums though - agreed.


Easy EDA for PCB based projects.

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I don't understand how you are having a problem with KiCad. The basic thing is you make a change to the schematic, recreate the net list, reimport the net list to the PCB editor and then you will see the change in the PCB.

I figured it out - the problem was that the Ground symbol its self has a named pin, so it influences any net it's connected to. By replacing my symbols and correctly naming the embedded pins, all is now good. I've got a lot more to learn but I think I'll have to ditch Eagle and continue using KiCad. I will take a look at Easy EDA, not heard of that one!

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