Run multiple onewire temp sensors

I'm trying to run the code from here: GitHub - KnowFlow/KnowFlow_AWM: KnowFlow Automatic Water Monitoring device is an open sourced tool enable everyone having access to first hand water quality data with low cost.

It reads multiple sensors and sends it to serial data. I would like to add another temp sensor and remove existing code for sensors I am not using. I am aware that I need to comment (//) include lines that I don't want, but I do not know how to duplicate the temp code for a second sensor.

I have been reading through the code and can see the analog sensors being called by their respective pins, I see some reference in the GravityTemperature.cpp as well as some commented lines in the WaterMonitor.ino.

Do I need to duplicate the temp files, or can I just call them from the .ino?

I apologize for my severe lack of understanding.

You would do better if if the question was more helpful.
Then you go on to to expect readers to wade through links to other projects.
It looks like quite a complicated project. Are you hoping to build the lot?
I can see there is a reference to OneWire library, and without going through yet more links to BOMs, it's hard to see what temperature sensors you are talking about.
Assuming they are something like DS18S20 temperature sensors, then you would do well to look at the OneWire library and try some of the simple examples included which cover the DS18x20 devices. Buy a few sensors and connect them to an Arduino board and start there. It's fairly straightforward to connect additional OneWire devices to a single OneWire bus and off the top of my head, I think you can have up to 30 devices on one bus.
Another option might be to use an analogue temperature like LM35, but more than a couple will use up your analogue inputs. Personally, I would try the OneWire devices and get a feel for how useful the bus concept can be. Dallas (Maxim) do a lot of devices including ADCs that could run on the same bus and take inputs from additional analogue devices