Run Solenoid with Motor Driver?

Hello, I would like to know if, in general, a solenoid can be run from a motor driver module. I am currently using the L298N module. When looking at the link below, it mentions that it can run solenoids, but I can't find anywhere else on setting them up using this module or code. I know how to run solenoids without the module, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows a way to make this work!

Thank you in advance for the help!

I don't think it's any different from running a motor: it's just another type of inductive load is all.

So just put the solenoid in place of the motor. You would know the +/- connections required on the solenoid so just do that in code to make one side of the solenoid high and the other low, just like running a motor one way. Then I guess low/low to disengage.

Generally a solenoid needs a certain amount of current+voltage to move but holding in position takes less power. You should experiment but I would expect to use full PWM power (255) for only a hundred milliseconds and then cut down to 50% (128) after that when I'm just holding position.

I used a normal 12v Relay module to operate my 12v Solenoid Valve. You can operate the solenoid also with a motor driver.