run washing machine with Arduino

hello !

been visiting Arduino website before but it is 1st time I registered to start asking something.

I want to run a Bosch washing machine with PCB replaced by ARDUINO . Many questions come to mind. Important question among many is: will it be possible?

This wshing machine is going to be replaced so I would like to utilise my creative side of the brain to make it work without worrying about the outcome!

thanks for any help coming by

There have been other Threads about washing machines. Google may be able to help you find them. If you include in your search "" it will restrict its search to this site.

You are posing a very open-ended question and you have told us nothing about your own capabilities.

Are you sufficiently competent not to electrocute yourself or someone else?

It will probably be easier with an old machine that used physical switches to manage the wash program. Newer machines control the motor speed with electronics and that may be more difficult to replicate.

From what I can see (as an interested user of a washing machine) its effectiveness depends a lot on the timing and sequence of operations - do you have a list of them to use for the design of your Arduino program?