Running 2 Stepper Motors To Make Art

Hello guys and girls, really after some advice from you remarkably intelligent and helpful people.

I want to make a Robot that can draw! (have had this in my mind ever since i first saw the Ardino, and goggle "microcontroller" for the first time and tentatively started asking questions)

so this is where Im up to...I have constructed a rig with two 4 pin Bipolar Stepper Motors as bellow

and have it mounted like this:

NOW......this is where you wonderful people come in.........where do I go from here????

what I have been thinking is some way to use a plotter driver to process the image>serial>Arduino>stepper motor = Image!

But I'm quite clueless, so any suggestions with nice basic explanation would b amazing. :-*

thought this may be better in software? so feel free to Del admin.

I saw one of these at AS220 and the results are cool. See here for more info:

Have a look at this:

Thanks for both the links!

I saw one of these at AS220 and the results are cool. See here for more info:

MEM, that's exactly the kind of thing i want to build, but frm scratch not a kit.....shame they don't include any sample code on there site.

Have a look at this:

I have seen Sprites mods whiteboard before, in fact it was a huge inspiration, the trouble i Have with it is the fact it uses PHP code and don't know how to program a AVR with PHP :(


I downloaded the code for the whiteboard, but im a little lost even opening up the folder named AVR with C code and other formats im not familiar with....Then a PHP folder 9wouldnt even know what to do with them!?

any chance someone could take a little time a brake it down for me.....seems like all the code is available and my hardware is good to go, its just putting the two together, AND understanding the process.

I know its a total liberty to ask anyone to take that time, but it would sincerely be apprechiated.

shame they don't include any sample code on there site.

here is some code from that site, you can probably find more if you look

Thanks mem,

any chance you could help me out with the Sprites mods - Online whiteboard - Intro project, just need someone to brake down how to use the program supplied.

That project uses php running an a pc to control the motors – not sure if the code is available but surely it will be much easier to use the Arduino code from the as200 drawbot project:

Very good point Mem!

My concern was the way the draw bot creates images using the "pixel circles" but looking at the code, it not gong to be a huge leap to chane it to a X-Y straight line plotter, or work with vector shapes.

Will hook it all up tonight and see how it goes! :D

is here an easy way to find out how many steps your stepper motor has?

If you don't have the specs, feed it 100 steps and see how far it rotates.