Running 400x240 Sharp Memory Display on the UNO?


For a mobile device running on solar I searched for displays and came across the Sharp Memory Displays.

It has a screen resolution of 400x240px.

Now, the problem I have is finding a suitable library. Adafruit has a smaller display of the same type in stock (96x96px), for which they have an Arduino library. However, as the screens content is stored in the SRAM, using the 400x240px display uses up 12kBytes with that library, obviously much more than available on the Atmega328 or even the Mega.

Now, I do understand that it is not possible to overcome this problem easily. I have been searching for alternative solutions for some time now.

  • One solution apparently would be using external SRAM. However, while apparently possible, this seems a bit over the top for me. I don't think I have nearly enough skill to implement something like that? Any ideas on how that would work?

  • I found some discussions about splitting up the displays into segments. For example 25x240 or 50x120 px, which would reduce SRAM usage quit a fair bit. Here is some guy that figured out on how to use the display for a dive computer ( He apparently got it down to a single 50 byte buffer. Unfortunatly he didn't provide any code. So, again, I am not skillfull enough to implement something like this without a bit of help.

  • Also a possiblity seems to be a bigger processor like the Teensy with 16kB of SRAM. I guess that would be doable by me as well, however I would like to stick to the 328 if possible, especially considering the formfactor as well as the low power consumption.

Thanks for any help!


If you want to keep the same form factor instead of going to the smaller Teensy then maybe you could stick a Teensy 3.1 on one of these

The 3.1 has 64K of SRAM.