Running a thermal printer without TLL

Hello guys,

I bought a thermal printer on eBay without TTL but with ESC/POS.

Has anyone got such a printer running with an Arduino?

Here some pictures from the printer:

From the pictures it looks like you only have USB or Ethernet as connection options.

If this is some standalone project then suggest trying USB via a USB Host Shield but this depends on what USB chip they are using. Could not see from the pictures you provided. Might be hidden under ribbon cable.

ESC/POS is not an electrical standard. It's a protocol.

The connectors on the printer is USB and RS232 over an RJ11 connector. NOT ethernet.

To connect this to an Arduino and not modify the printer, get a converter module with an MAX232 or similar chip that converts TTL (electrical interface) to RS232 (electrical interface)

Then install a library that supports ESC/POS printers and away you go.

// Per.