Running Arduino 24X7 with solar power

I need to run my Arduino 24X7 that just has 10 RGB Leds (300ma) , LCD Display, Soil sensor and Temperature sensors. I just have an Idea of charging a battery using solar panels in the day time and using it all night. In day time the solar panel charges the batteries, meantime the Arduino should also run. I am not sure what solar panel and battery pack should I buy. Please help me. Thanks in advance. :D

I am currently using this solar charger along with this battery and a solar panel to run a Jeenode weather station.The battery is only 3.7 v.

What Arduino are you using?

This JRC website may help you to estimate how much solar energy is available where you live.

If you want the system to be reliable make sure you have a much bigger battery and much bigger solar panel that you think you need. Also work on the assumption that the real battery capacity is only half the sticker capacity.