Running arduino on 6V instead of 5V what could happen?

Hello i was wondering if i can run arduino on 6v instead of 5v? i seen in a datasheet it can run up o 5.5v max but what about 6v. This will be 2 coin cell batteries?

Thank you.

How big is your coin cell.

How small is your Arduino.

How many spares ones do you have.

What is your project. Leo..

hello i have 20/30 pack i forgot i order then awhile ago a few months ago they are 2032 batteries

Stick in a silicon diode for about .5 to .7 volt drop.

Hello Jack that might just work i didn't think of using a diode in there well when i wrote this post i was still waking up from a lot of meds that knocked me out but something came to my mind and had to put a post in here :) Thank you.

Maybe use a Schottky plus a Silicon diode. ~.3 + .6 = .9

6v - .9v = 5.1v

The ATmega chip is rated for 6V absolute maximum.

CR2032 is 180mAh (cheap ones) to 240mAh (e.g. Energizer). Not a whole lot of charge in any case. Current consumption goes up with voltage, so it makes sense to reduce it, not increase it. If you put those batteries in parallel instead of in series you could double the amount of time they lasted. You would have to halve the clock frequency though, at least to be safe. And whether you could do that or not depends on what Arduino you have as well as a bunch of other things we could only take wild guesses about.

thank you all for the information it help me a lot to think of what to do. I'm using the arduin pro mini with 5v only on it. also i have a nokia 5110 lcd on it which only comes on with a button wake up and only stays on for 10 seconds. no backlight on it because of its on battery. I'm sorry if i didn't say which board it was. Or what else i was using on it.