Running Arduino on Windows CE

Does anyone know if it is possible to install and run any version of the Arduino IDE on Windows CE? I was thinking about buying a used pocket PC for portability and wondered if this was possible. Thanks!

The IDE is pretty memory-hungry (I see 242M on a "top" display on my Linux box), and PDAs tend not to have swap space, so it's dicey, at best.

However, I know that the Linux PDA folks have set up native development environments that run the command-line compilation tools on an iPaq. So, it's probably possible to put avr-gcc and avrdude on a pocket PC, and use makefiles to compile and download.

If I were going to do this, I'd probably start with a Zaurus, or reflash an iPaq with Linux, to get a platform with maximum RAM and a shell environment that's friendly to the development tools.


Thanks for the reply. This looks like way more trouble than it will be worth. I will probably just get a cheap(relative) notebook with XP on it.

This looks like way more trouble than it will be worth.

Probably: onboard development on a PDA is pretty much "sold for purposes of amusement only", unless you're planning an extended tour of duty on the International Space Station or a nuclear sub.

For practical highly-portable development system, I'd recommend a netbook running Linux: if you're geeky enough to be writing Adruino code on the go, you're probably geeky enough to save yourself the bloat and hassle of XP by doing it on Ubuntu. You can get a brand-new netbook for about the same price as a used XP laptop, with less weight and better battery life.