Running Atmega 2560 on 1.8V

Hello everybody,
Is there anyway I can run Atmega2560 on 1.8V.? I am working on a project where I am using Atmega2560 as my MCU and powering it up using single cell LI-ION battery. I don’t want to use voltage Booster circuit here.

Please help.

You can’t since the USB serial chip needs to run its clock at 25MHz for USB support and is tied to
the main supply voltage.

A standalong Mega2560 without USB chip could be made to run at low voltage, on a much slower crystal
frequency, or on the 1MHz RC oscillator. But that involves bespoke PCB, SMT soldering skills, etc.

Single cell LiIon cells are 3.6V or so, not 1.8V, BTW.

I think the USB chip only uses a 16 MHz crystal.

The Atmega2560 will not run 16 MHz at 1.8V. You need a Atmega2560V to run at lower voltage level.

There's another thread about this also.

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