Running avrdude from sd card (or in general bootloading from SD card)

Hi all,

After spending days on end searching for an answer to this to no avail, i have decided its time to post. If the answer has already been logged in some forum somewhere, please feel free to ridicule me to no end while posting a link. Otherwise..

I am in need of a way of loading hex files from an SD card. I have looked into multiple possibilities such as the 2boot, the rogue robotics mmc bootloader, and bitlash.

Bitlash looks nice but i am having difficulty finding an example or tutorial outlining out how i would use it to flash hex files from sd cards.

The intrinsic issue with the 2boot and the rogue robotics bootloaders is that they are programmed to look for one hex file with a specific name eg sketch.hex or ARDUINO.hex. my intent is to have multiple hex files saved on the sd card and have the last line of code for each hex program to be to initiate the flashing of the next hex file.

For this reason i would like to know if it is possible store avrdude and avrdude.config on the sdcard and run it with the arduino. If this is possible i feel it would be relatively simple to flash multiple sketches.

I am also open to other solutions to this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks