Running battery without fuse


I just blew the fuse of my 12v 3000mAh battery by shorting the leads, and the warning label says it absolutely shouldn't be used without a fuse.

I don't have time to buy another. Is the fuse just a protection for the battery? Can I skip the fuse as long as I don't short the ends?


The purpose of the fuse is BLOW if too much current is drawn form the battery.

Not having your fuse could destroy the wiring harness, maybe the battery or could cause a fire.
That is if you short things out again.
But, that couldn't happen a second time, could it? :wink:

It is up to you.

Is the fuse just a protection for the battery?

There is no just about it. The battery catches fire and that can burn other things as well so you could say the fuse protects you your family and your house.

Yet again, we have absolutely no idea what sort of battery it is, where or what the fuse is, and how these leads that you shorted, are connected.

The obvious answer is to replace the fuse, but without any actual information, no suggestion can be made as to how to do that.

Thanks for the info. I drove out and bought a new fuse, better safe than sorry.

You bought more than one? :wink:

You bought more than one? :wink:

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Well challenged!