Running beta 12 causes selected board to change in 1.8.13 and for ESP32 boards not to be available

Test environment
Windows 10
IDE version 1.8.13
ESP32 boards version 2.0.1 installed
Board selected ESP32 Dev Module

  • open IDE 1.8.13
  • board is ESP Dev module as expected
  • File/New
  • open beta 12 IDE
  • close 1.8.13
  • open 1.8.13
  • 1.8.13 selected board has changed to Arduino Yun
  • 1.8.13 ESP32 boards are not available to select in Sketch/Board
  • 1.8.13 Boards Manager shows them as installed
  • no action taken at that point
  • back in 1.8.13 Sketch/Board the ESP32 boards are mysteriously now available
  • if I don't open Boards Manager in 1.8.13 whist the selected board has been changed to a Yun then ESP32 boards are not visible in Sketch/Board

Hi @UKHeliBob. Please provide the exact contents of the File > Preferences > Additional Boards Manager URLs field for each IDE version. 1.8.13 and 2.x use separate preferences storage systems, so make sure to get them from each IDE individually.

FYI, Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.12 is significantly outdated at this point, so beta testing reports from that version may no longer be relevant. I recommend beta testers use the nightly build from the links at this table:

or at least the latest release, which is available for download from the "Assets" section of this page:

I have repeated the steps outlined in my original post using rc1 and

Version: 2.0.0-rc1-nightly.20211208
Date: 2021-12-08T03:03:56.123Z
CLI Version: 0.20.1 [abb21449]

Copyright © 2021 Arduino SA

and got the same results, ie the board in 1.8.13 is changed to a Yun and ESP32 boards are not available unless the Boards Manager is opened and closed even if no actions are taken

Here is the Additional Boards list from 1.8.13

and for the nightly build

There is the problem. This is an old URL that is no longer being maintained. It doesn't contain the 2.0.1 version of the "esp32" boards platform. So the solution is to use the package index URL specified by the official ESP32 documentation here:

This is the sequence of events that was occurring:

  1. Start Arduino IDE 2.x
  2. Arduino IDE 2.x downloads on startup, replacing the previous copy of package_esp32_index.json with the outdated one.
  3. Start Arduino IDE 1.8.13
  4. The classic Arduino IDE only recognizes boards platforms if they are present in one of the installed package index files. Since the outdated version of package_esp32_index.json does not contain esp32:esp32@2.0.1, it does not recognize its installation and you don't see it in the Tools > Board menu.
  5. Open Boards Manager in Arduino IDE 1.8.13
  6. The classic Arduino IDE's Boards Manager downloads, replacing the previous copy of package_esp32_index.json with the up to date one.
  7. Close Boards Manager.
  8. Since esp32:esp32@2.0.1 is now present in the installed package index, the classic Arduino IDE now recognizes the installed platform and shows it in the Tools > Board menu.

Since this behavior of "no package index, no platform" is kind of confusing, Arduino IDE 2.x recognizes platforms even when they are not present in any installed package index.

Thanks for the full explanation of what caused the problem

I have substituted the out of date link to the ESP32 boards in 2.0 with the same link as used by 1.8.13 and tried my test steps again and all is OK

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it is working now.

I appreciate your feedback. The development on the IDE is very active right now (other than the inevitable lull to come during Christmas holiday) so this is definitely a good time for the community to get involved.

I am going to try 2.0 as my "daily driver" now that I have got Auto Formatting working closer to how I like it so there may be more feedback

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