Running Different Loops according to TIMED IR input

Hello All

I am working on a project for school that involves programing a drone to land on a given position as placed by the professor. The remote provided includes 2 IR sensors that can be used. Because of such, I would like to use these two sensors as 'counters', for lack of a better term (I'm brand new this apologizes). I will program all of the timing for each distance accordingly before hand, and am hoping to use these sensors to call the correct program. For example:

The professor sets the landing pad 10 feet forward and 3 feet to the left. Given this situation, my idea is to then:

Start a program timer using milli()
Cover one IR sensor for 10 seconds (correlates with the 10 feet forward) and then release
Cover the other IR sensor for 3 seconds (correlates with the 3 feet horizontal motion) and release

By doing this, I want to be able to then start the flight program and use the according pitch yaw roll numbers set previously according to the duration of time that each sensor was covered.

Does this seem like a feasible concept? If so, I would love any feedback as to how to run this style of timer before running through the if/else if loops.