Running Motor until A Number of Revolution

I have a motor with an integrated encoder. The motor is attached to an H-bridge, and I have the encoder wired to the Arduino. I have everything connected, and I've written a program so when I run the motor, I get the number of revolution on the serial monitor. I'm wondering if there is a way to stop break the code once there is a certain number of revolutions of the motor.

   if (number_of_revs > max) stop_the_motor();

@LIPX3, you need to post your program - otherwise we are just making blind guesses.

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Perhaps you need a function to actually read the encoder, so:

   if (number_of_revs() > max) stop_the_motor();

Put that code in loop() so that its regularly checked. Of course some other bit of code would set it going, and you need to define number_of_revs().