Running motors

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here, so if i am in the wrong place, let me know. My friend and I have purchased some JMP-BE-3526 motors with in-built drivers, found here: . We are fairly new to programming with the arduino, so what we would like to know is does anyone know how we could program to run these motors? Our teacher says we need a software driver to set up the motors in the code, but we dont know what we are looking for. Any help would be appreciated!

Why buy those motors, if you don't know how to use them? There are plenty of standard motors available.

They might be stepper motors, but I can't tell from the link. It might be possible to download their software and see if you can reverse engineer it to see how they drive the motor.

We bought the motors because they suit our needs perfectly, as i said though, we are fairly new to this and we didnt know we would need data to run them. Im sure we will be able to find something for them on the net, thanks anyway


It would be helpful to know more about what this device is capable of in order to make a good guess about how to control it with an Arduino. If you were controlling it with the software it is designed to work with what could it do? It seems obvious that you would be able to control the speed and direction? But, does the motor provide feedback about it's position? Could the software tell the motor something like turn clockwise 90 degrees at 125 RPMs?

Good luck! Yertman

We have a copy of the original software, which has an option to see the c coding for the program (i know the arduino isnt quite c, but it would be a good start). We are going to look at that tonight. We now dont think that it is a stepper motor, we will be able to find out from the software hopefully. Ill let you know what we find.

i know the arduino isnt quite c

Well, in as much as it is C++, perhaps.

Alright, i know they are not the same, but i still think anything we can find on them will be helpful. I’ll post what we find if anyone is interested.

Ok, we have figured it out! The c-coding we got was rubbish, it didnt help, so instead we opened up the motor and got the model number off the driver. As it turns out, the driver was actually just a L298P h-bridge, which we easily figured out how to program, and control speed and direction. The conculsion to this problem was a bit of a let down, it turned out so simple :) But im happy it works, thanks anyway guys