Running multiple continuous rotation servos on arduino uno

I'm very much a beginner to the arduino and I was wondering if it is possible to run 5 continuous rotation servos via the arduino uno and achieve independant control of all of them. If not what is the maximum number of servos I can gain independant control of?

And also, If i was to run 2 of the servos at the same time would that halve the power generated to each motor in comparison to running just one motor at a time?

Thanks in advance.

A Uno (for instance) can control up to 12 servos using the Servo library, but should power none of them.

Thanks. So how would i power the servos? Would each one need an individual supply? I know my beginners kit which is in the mail has a battery pack that takes 4 AA batteries (6V). Would this be sufficient supply for 5 servos wired the correct way?

It depends on the particular servos. I could see an ordinary 4xAA pack powering five micro servos, for instance.

Do you have a spec?

Yes, I'm getting the Power HD, model AR-3606HB. They have 93 oz-in stall torque (6V), 0.14 sec/60 degree speed at 6V and 71 RPM with no load (6V).

At any one time though I will only be having 2 servos running at the same time.

Thanks for helping me.

The spec/data sheet, (if you can call it that).
No load = 300mA
Stalled = 900mA

Ya got to wonder why Pololu give you every bit of info, except the currents.

Tom… :slight_smile:

AR-3606HB.pdf (389 KB)