Running multiple Sketches (or use Bitlash?)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build the following on my Yun:

  1. A webserver that takes commands through GET/PUT (used the Yun Bridge for that until now)
  2. Being able to run .hex files (other sketches) which are stored on SD card
  3. Through above mentioned webbased api-calls, start the various sketches on the SD card, depending on the commands/parameters i specify in the web-calls.

I’m regularly running into my 32k limit because i’m working with an LED matrix and have various animations that take up a lot of memory. So I was trying to find a way to run sketches / .hex files from the SD card i plugged in, that will allow me to just use the 32K for the active sketch and have enough memory left at runtime, etc.

The nicest looking option i found is and i got really excited, only to find out that the BitlashWebServer Example is 105% of my available memory. I am a bit lost here, i expected to have enough memory as the bitlash bootloader only uses 4k.

Is there anyone who got this to work on his/her Yun? Or could help me to meet my requirements on the Yun?
Thanks in advance for all the help.
Best regards,


If you can manage to put all the possible data out of your sketch and into the sd card, then you can load into 32u4 memory only the "animation" to you need to display
Some time will be lost in reading & parsing such "animation file" but you should be able to save lots of memory.

You can also create some python code that runs "run-avrdude" so that you can upload a different pre-compiled sketch depending on the value of query string variable or something