Running on an error with a piece of code / TFT / SD / Nano / slide Show

Hi there,
I´m a bloody beginner to Arduino, Coding and all things around these themes.
I tried to get a code working, which was posted long time ago.
My Plan:
I would like to take an Arduino Nano (link will follow), a TFT-Display with SD Card reader, put it all together, just to run a "slide show" of various BMP pictures.

My hardware:
Nano (Nano)
Display (Display)

I tested my display and the nano with other Sketches, everything works fine.

The Sketch, which I think, might be useful and sufficient, is one out of an other topic, which is already closed:

In #20 of above topic, David Prentice released a Sketch, which I used for my "slide show", and it nearly runs perfect like I need it.

This one works fine, but after the nineteenth BMP-file I will see a "load.image error"
It doesn´t matter if I have 4 or 9 or 11 BMP-files (128x160px, 24bit, SD 128MB, formatted in FAT32). Every time the script is running, after the 19th BMP this error occurs.

I´m just an beginner, and I don´t know how to fix this... I would be extremely happy, if someone would help me here.

Thank You so much, and enjoy the weekend....

The Sketch is:

#include <SPI.h>
#include <SD.h>
#include <TFT.h>

#define TFT_CS 10
#define TFT_DC  9
#define TFT_RST 8

#define SD_CS   4

#include <TFT.h>

File root;
int pathlen;
char namebuf[32] = "/";   //BMP files in root directory
#define NAMEMATCH ""      // "" matches any name

void setup(void)
    bool good = SD.begin(SD_CS);
    if (good) {
        root =;
        pathlen = strlen(namebuf);
    if (!good) {
        Serial.println(F("cannot start SD"));
        while (1) yield();

void loop()
    char *nm = namebuf + pathlen;
    File f = root.openNextFile();
    uint8_t ret;
    uint32_t start;
    PImage myPicture;
    if (f) {
        strcpy(nm, (char *);
        if (strstr(nm, ".bmp") != NULL && strstr(nm, NAMEMATCH) != NULL) {
            myPicture = tft.loadImage(namebuf);
            tft.image(myPicture, 0, 0);
    else root.rewindDirectory();

Yes, the TFT.h program crashes after about 18 or 19 images.

Quite honestly the TFT.h library that comes with the IDE is complete crap.
It comes with obsolete versions of Adafruit_GFX and Adafruit_ST7735 and slaps some Processing's PImage stuff on top.

Most importantly:

  // TODO close the file in ~PImage and PImage(const PImage&)

which is probably why everything crashes after a while.

Please edit the sketch loop() function in #0 e.g.

        if (strstr(nm, ".bmp") != NULL && strstr(nm, NAMEMATCH) != NULL) {
            myPicture = tft.loadImage(namebuf);
            tft.image(myPicture, 0, 0);
            myPicture.close();  //.kbv close the file after we have drawn it.

Yes, it is quite handy to have loadImage() and image() methods but it still means that TFT.h is an almighty hack.
I would be much happier with a "User function" and a regular Adafruit_ST7735.h library.


Oh WOW!!

Thank You sooo much, David!

Now it works really fine. It is running since hours and there are no more problems.

Thank You!!!!!

Greetings from Germany


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