running out of memory - bigger ATMega?


I'm generally using the UNO and therefore the ATMega 328. The nice thing is being able to swap in and out the 328 chip, so I can have a breadboard Arduino with a socket and still update the code on the UNO if I like.

I was wondering what the general recommendation is when a project could do with a few extra K of memory. If I use a Mega, I have to use the whole Mega board (same for Due/Yun), as the chips are not breadboard friendly. Also, I guess the Due is less compatible with certain components that require libraries (from Adafruit for example).

Can I make a kind of FAT breadboard Arduino with an ATMega 1284P? How would I program this? Do I use AVR command line stuff? Do I need an FTDI cable?

I understand some of these questions are probably a bit independent of each other. I'm trying to fill some gaps in my knowledge.

Advance thanks,

Can I make a kind of FAT breadboard Arduino with an ATMega 1284P?

Yes. There is a large knowledge base in this forum on that topic available. Just do search and read :slight_smile:

Kits available:

Maybe a plug in shield

You might possibly look at your code first as is often a lot of initial optimisatiom that can be done to save Flash and SRAM.

If you post the code then I’m sure a lot of people could suggest ways to make it more efficient.

Is it SRAM or Flash you currently need more of?

If you do genuinely need more of either then the 1284P is a great step up.