Running parts of a Sketch on EEPROM memory?

Hello i have a question is it possible to run some of sketch from a project on a External EEPROM? Reason why I'm asking if because I'm at the max memory of the Arduino UNO and i still need to add more to it. I'm not sure if this is a General Question or a programming question.


Nope, not possible.

You can try to post the code here to get optimization tips. I personally never ran out of memory :slight_smile: Just don't program it like a i7 with 32GB or RAM.

Hello Septillion lol. My project is a maze game using a 3.5" LCD screen. I'm cleaning up code and seeing how far that will get me. But i think it is the Libraries that are blotted. So that will be my next thing to look into.

Another think that is possible is to load big chucks of data which the program uses of external memory.But you have accommodate for it and don't try to load everything at once because then you're back to square one :wink:

Interesting. Right now texture's, 8 bit images, And 8 bit Audio and maps, etc... is all running within the arduino sketch. What i was thinking of doing is moving all that over to a External memory like the EEPROM to free up the space.

Hello is it possible to move my Char bmp images to a External EEPROM?

Hello is it possible to move my Char bmp images to a External EEPROM?

Surely. An SD card might be even better if they are large. You just need code to read back in the parts you want back into memory.

Hello Delta Problem is this is a wallet pocket game project. No room to have a add on a SD card to it.

OK use an EEPROM then.

That is what I'm asking is it possible to move the Char BMP images to a external EEPROM chip? I'm not much of a programmer so i have no clue if it is possible?

Yes it is. You can certainly store your bitmaps on an external storage media of your choice. You just have to write code to pull the parts you want back into memory when you want them.

You will also need to write a (separate) program to load the EEPROM with the data you require. This will not happen during normal Arduino program upload.

Hello i have a update for this post.

With all the information i have saw sense i posted this. I can now see there are a few things I would like to clear up. I know eeprom can not sure sketch files or things like Libraries. But something like a SD card would. Problem is I'm working on a new project that requires a remote sketch and libraries update and i will be to far away. But I'm wondering what can i use besides a SD card to upload my sketches and libraries remotely. I have Saw some people using a tftp boot. But being that it requires a reboot before uploading should not be a problem. So i was wondering would this actually work and how hard would it be to do it? Second question is do i really need a Arduino to do a tftp boot? because I'm getting mixed information about this tftp boot. Or is there another way i can do all this without having to be there?