Running php script located on shared web server using ethernet shield

Question about using shared web servers for running php scripts and ethernet shield

I purchased web space on shared server. when i do find ip address of my domain name using dig, it gives me some value like When I type the same ip address on internet browser, it displays a standard page saying this address is that off a shared web server. Hence it cannot identify the domainname associated with it. So now question is; for programming ethernet shield can i give directly domain name like ? or how do i circumvent this issue ?


You must send the "Host:" parameter to a virtual host server.

If(client.connect(serverIP,serverPort)) {
   // send request
   client.println("GET /mypage.php HTTP/1.1");
   client.println("Connection: close\r\n");

   // read response
   while(client.connected()) {
      while(client.available()) {