Running Stepper Motor with Joystick (Guidance Needed)

I want to control two stepper motors with an Arduino, joystick, and two motor controllers (SainSmart L293D Motor Drive Shield).

What I am wanting to do is control NEMA 24 steppers with the joystick where the further you are from, top dead center, the faster the motor will spin.

Do any of you all have any experience doing this, if so, what can you tell me about some of your pitfalls and successes?

Thank you, Jim

That seems like the wrong type of motor driver for a stepper. Start with a specific stepper driver, such as an A4988. Pololu sells a range of good ones. There should be a reseller in your country.

Have a look at Stepper Motor Basics

You need to post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motors so we can see how much current they require. An A4988 may not be powerful enough for your motor.

If the joystick produces a value of 0-1023 when you read it with analogRead() then if you do

joyVal = analogRead(joyPin);
fwdRevVal = 512 - joyVal;

The value in fwdRevVal will range from -512 to + 511 and can be used to control the interval between steps and the direction of your stepper motor.

...R Simple Stepper Code