Running Two Types Voltages on Due 12V and 5V

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody can provide me an answer to this issue, I have three devices fixed to the Arduino Due Shield which are connected to the 5V pin but I have realised that the total power consumption would be 3.2A, I found out that the TI regulator is recommended for 1A suppy (but it has a switching current limit of 1.2A to 2.5A).

I was wondering if my assumption would work, by connecting a DC-DC linear regulator with current limit of 4A converted from my 12V supply down to 5V and is then connected to the 5V pin on the Arduino Due and then running the 12V supply through the Arduino Due DC Jack? Would I have issues with this setup or should I no bother connecting the 12V suppply to the DC jack?

I have attached an image to hopefully make things clear.

I hope to hear from you guys, and in advance thank you.


Use the DC-DC to power the attached devices directly, just connect the 0v to the Due. Note that the I/O on the Due is 3v3, thus the devices should also have 3v3 I/O.

Thank you for the reply, so does that mean if I connect the 5V DC-DC onto the 5V pin on the Arduino Due it should power up the DUE and the attached devices as well, and so the 12V to the Due Jack is not needed?

Also, if it is powered in that way and the Due needs to be connected to a PC to communicate it should be fine right or would there be other issues?

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I wouldn't like to say that feeding 5v to the header is going to be absolutely fine, but why bother? just use the 12V jack to power the arduino and also use 12V to power the DC-DC which powers the other devices separately (but from the same 12V source).

You may need to be careful when plugging it into a PC, some power supplies float the ground, make sure it's at the same potential by earthing it if it isn't already.