RV AC Controller

I feel like this should be a fairly basic project but wanted to get opinions and guidance on it first. Had an UNO starter kit sitting on my desk for the last year and thought I'd finally play with it. For the most part pretty straight forward I had no concerns about the initial abilities or programming.

What I need is to replace the AC controller in my RV. It has a controller that "sheds" electric when a load of 30 amps or higher is detected. Basically it has a 50 amp panel but only 30 amp generator and wiring. It has two AC units that it will cycle to keep the RV cool.

Requirements - setup that can monitor 1 wall thermostat for the cool/heat and fan on/off, 1 wall thermostat for just cool with fan on/off, monitor the amps at the breaker box. Based on the code turn on the AC units and cycle them on a time while monitoring load. When the load goes over stop the AC until load goes down.

What hardware can handle all the inputs, switching of the DC/AC relays for the AC's and heat, monitor the Amp load (amp clamp?)

Sounds like you need some kind of current sensor (e.g. an ACS712 module); some kind of interface to your thermostats, and a handful of relays with sufficient power rating to switch your stuff.