rw1067 display

I bought LCD 4x20 characters.
it doesent have typical hd44780 controller, instead it is RW1067
My problem is that i can control only first 2 rows, botom 2 doesent work.
now I have 4x20 capable display that i can use only like "2x20"

bdw.BTHQ42003AV-STF-06-LEDYG-RW1067 Batron | Batron BTHQ42003AV-STF-06-LEDYG-RW1067 Alphanumeric LCD Display, Yellow on Green, 4 Rows by 20 Characters, Transflective | 743-6153 | RS Components

Your question is unclear.

You could try letting Google translate the question instead of doing the translation yourself, or try it the other way if you started with Google translate.