RX Data Sensor Circuit for 868.35Mhz


Could some genius please help me with a design to create an RX sensor for 868.35 Mhz. Sparkfun & others have sensors for 433Mhz etc but I cannot find one for 868.35 Mhz.

So I either need to develop a similar sensor from scratch or can I buy a 433 Mhz sensor, unsolder the 433 Mhz receiver and replace it with a 868.35 Mhz receiver.

I have a number of salvaged items that transmit at 868.35 and want to capture their data. I am not sure if it is ASK or FSK either.

Really appreciate any help. Thanks and kind regards,

jB 8)

There are a number of modules available such as the RFM12, RFM22 that are fairly fully featured transceivers, however they each have there own idea of a transmission packet format. Until you know the exact modulation of the various items you mention there is no way to know if they would work with them. For ASK (usually OOK) then there are some very simple receivers that just output the directly demodulated signal.

What you ideally want is a flexible transceiver that lets you program and snoop the demodulator in realtime (rather than one that is solely packet based).

If you find a cheap solution let us know(!)