Rx led is not blinkin when trying to upload .

Hi i have an arduino duemilanove ,i use windows vista and i have installed the ftdi drivers but when i try to upload a sketch to my arduino the programm says it is uploaded and only the tx led is blinking but in the past rx led was blinking to when i was trying to upload something but now its not blinking at all only the tx led is linking. And i realised that not only the led is not working but also the sketch i try to upload is not uploaded after it says uploading done. Please can you hel get this thing solved because i need my arduino back to make something.

Perform a "loop back test" so you know if the problem is before or after the FTDI chip.

When uploading, hold down the shift key so you can get more details about the upload progress.

You checked Device Manager to see what Com port it assigned to the USB Serial Converter and made sure the arduino program was set to match?