RX & TX AM Modules

I'm thinking about buying wireless module:

TXhttp://www.rfremotech.com/TM1000-1.pdf RXhttp://www.rfremotech.com/RM1SG.pdf

Would these modules work on the Arduino for sending & receiving strings like: "forward", "back" and so on..?

Are there any examples or libraries?

Thanks in Advance.

Cheers Richard,

I would also like to implement some sort if ID System so the receiver would only respond to a specific transmitter.

How would you recommend I do this?

I have been looking into the "HYPERCOM" Libray.

Cheers Again.

Hey Darrell,

Did you bought these items?

I have them and i'm trying to send and receive with them; but receiving keeps a problem. Hope to hear from you!

Hi Richard,

I purchased a pair of 433 & 315 modules! They work fine using the Virtual wire library.

I haven't really tested the distance but I don't seem to have any problems with them as they are about 10m away.

I did notice a few issues:

All int values from analog pins need to be converted to char before sending

I am unable to add additional text to a char before sending. Example: analog value from A1 (LDR) 255 and i need to add an identifier like LDR1. The transmitted text LDR1-255.

I also bought a pair of Sure Electronics 433 FSK Trancievers which I haven't tested yet due to the fact that they only operate on 19200 baud rate! I'm note sure what rate the library operates at or even if it applicable.

Thanks Darrell

Hey Darrell,

I tried to set the data pin of the transmitter high by the digitalwrite function on the data-pin. When i try to receive the data by the transiever i only sometimes get the write value.

Do you only use the arduino for the current to the transmitter? It says 12v at this part; and i thought maybe this is the problem? Did you put an antenna at both parts?

Regards, Thomas