RX/TX Issues...

I'm not entirely sure whether this should go in the Processing forum or the Arduino forum, but here goes. I was having some serious issues regarding data integrity over the serial connection between Processing and my Arduino. Finally, I realized that it was because Processing was having a conflict with my RX/TX drivers. I updated the drivers, and all of my problems were solved. Or so I thought...

Well, my Processing code worked, so now it was time to make some additions to the code I had running on the Arduino. Except...the Arduino environment crashes every time I go to upload code.

My best guess is that updating my RX/TX drivers broke the Arduino dev environment. I need the old drivers to upload my code to the Arduino, but I need the new ones so that I can communicate with it. Of course, I don't even know what version Arduino was using.

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Can anyone help me? Is there any way to load different RX/TX drivers in Arduino and Processing? Can I get Arduino to play nice with the new drivers? (rxtx2.2pre2)

P.S. The error report won't fit. Not sure how to include it.

:edit: I deleted my RX/TX files entirely, and now everything is fixed. I guess Processing and Arduino come with their own drivers to fall back on just in case the user screws something up royally. :/edit: