Rx TX pins on uno with Arduino motor shield.


I want some info on all the RX and TX pins that we can use on a Arduino Uno for my blue tooth JY-MCU module. I need to utilize the software serial to enable a different RX/TX pin other use the hardware based 0 and 1 RX/TX pins. Also I using the motor shield along with it.

I was successfully able to connect the bluetooth module using pin 10 and 9 , but I want use any another pin, since pin 9 is used for motor brake control from the Arduino motor shield. Are there any other pins, that I can use for RX/TX other than the motor control pins

Function pins per Ch. A pins per Ch. B Direction D12 D13 PWW D3 D11 Brake D9 D8 Current Sensing A0 A1

Softwareserial can use any 2 i/o-pins, and you can have multiple channels see in reference

What model of Arduino are you using? A Leonardo has some restrictions on what pins you can use for the RX pin.