RxSignal question

My friend has a project that uses a 3 pin connector for to take input information and supply it to a board that has Vcc, GND, and Rx1, this board has a seven segment display that can display 5 numbers. It is possible to use an optocoupler to provide the information instead of a 3 pin connector and if so how would I go about starting this project?

Thanks for any advice

I'm not clear from your description what direction you want data to flow.

For example Will data flow from an Arduino ---- via optocoupler ---- to display board and the optcoupler will replace the 3pin connector


Will data flow from something ---- via 3 pin connector ---- to display board | --- vial optocoupler --- to Arduino

Either should be possible. However an optocoupler cannot transfer power.


data from arduino to optocoupler to display board

I would like the optocoupler to replace the 3 pin connector.

also the signal is 9bit (9600baud)

zjjackson101: data from arduino to optocoupler to display board

That sounds like you want the Arduino to take the place of some other device? What is that device? Can you post a link to its datasheet. What voltage does the device use for its signals?

Can you make a pencil drawing of the existing wiring arrangement and also show (perhaps on a separate drawing) how you want to use the optocoupler. Then post photos of the drawing(s).